Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rights group demands indictments for settlers who assaulted Palestinians

" The human rights group Yesh Din is demanding that the Shai police district indict four settlers who were filmed attacking Bedouin in the West Bank in the summer of 2008. The police closed the cases against the suspects, despite a police camera having documented them in action. Members of the police Special Patrol Unit surveilled dozens of settler youths, accompanied by armed adults, from a stakeout near the Alon road in the northern West Bank.

Police footage shows that when the marchers came across a Bedouin tent, they started cursing the Bedouin. An argument ensued and one of the youngsters threw a stick at one of the Palestinian adults. At this stage, both sides began throwing stones at each other. Only when the settlers retreated, firing shots in the air, did the policemen emerge from their stakeout and detain four of the perpetrators. (...)All four cases were closed by the police. "

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