Friday, January 29, 2010

"Indeed, the ease with which an amateur blogger from Florida armed with little more than a keyboard and a narrow political-agenda can single-handedly shape the discourse on US Muslims and their organizations, both in the halls of Congress and on the pages of mainstream newspapers, is an indication of the pitiful point Islamophobia has reached in America. [1]

It is shameful that some in the Republican Party seek to exploit the apparent susceptibility of many of our fellow citizens to believe anything about Muslims and their representative organizations in order to score a political point against a rival party.

It is high time the polarizing tactics of fear-mongering and identity politics are erased from our political handbooks.

Now more than ever, America needs to converse; voices need to be free to speak and free to be heard. Since the GOP regularly uses “freedom” as a buzzword, I am inclined to remind them that freedom is not spelled “feardom”.


[1]. CAIR has a document directly addressing urban legends about its mission and history "

More : here.

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