Thursday, January 27, 2011

Worldwide Protests at all Egyptian EMBASSIES 2:00AM Friday, January 28th

Along the lines of Tunisia, we will protest against the injustice, oppression, unemployment, exploitation, poverty, and the lack of education in Egypt due to its dictatorial regime!!

Our people are suffering for almost 30 years now!! We want this self-made pharao and his criminal family and followers to L-E-A-V-E!

On Saturday, February 5th, all Egyptians will go to their city's Egyptian embassy to protest (PEACEFULLY)! We will prove that Egypt is not less than Tunesia! We can and WILL achieve what our Tunesian brothers and sisters did!
We've had ENOUGH and we won't sit around and let our compatriots do all the work alone! We will help and show the international public that we won't forsake our people and country!

Tell your family and friends to join and help!! Invite all Egyptians you know to this event if YOU want Egypt to be FREE and democratic one day !!

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