Thursday, April 16, 2009

CIA's Torture Techniques

The Justice Department on Thursday released detailed memos describing harsh interrogation techniques used by the Central Intelligence Agency. President Obama said that C.I.A. operatives who carried out the techniques would not be prosecuted.
Read the MEMOS.

"One technique authorized for use by the C.I.A. beginning in August 2002 was the use of "insects placed in a confinement box", presumably to induce fear on the part of a terror suspect. According to a footnote, the technique was not used.
The interrogation methods were among the Bush administration’s most closely guarded secrets, and what was released on Thursday afternoon marked the most comprehensive public accounting to date of a program that some senior Obama administration officials contend included illegal torture."
Stephen G. Bradbury: “Interrogators may combine water dousing with other techniques, such as stress positions, wall standing, the insult slap, or the abdominal slap,”

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